Xavi Marín - Environment Artist & Web Designer

I’m Xavi Marin, artist of The Witcher: Ties of Destiny and I’m really interested in 3D art, specially on environments.

During the project, my skills and knowledge of 3D modelling (3ds Max and ZBrush) have improved a lot. I have also learnt how to use some texturing softwares (Substance Painter and Substance Designer) and how to create a website (HTML and CSS).


During the project I worked as environment artist, even though I also was in charge of creating some UI elements. I couldn’t talk about my project contribution without mentioning Roger León and Joan Barduena. We have worked together many times and I can say that we form a very good team, it has been a pleasure working with them!

  • Study of environments: This tasks involve creating an assets lists, make a study of light, decide the color palette of the scenario and do a matte painting to represent it.
  • Materials and Textures: Creation of different textures with Substance Designer.
  • Props: Creation of some assets (foliage, lamp, bottles, rocks…).

  • Prop Placement: I was in charge of placing the props of part of the city level.
  • Environments Lighting (Working with Joan Barduena): We did different iterations of lighting in the engine for both environments.
  • Game Baked Textures Stuff (Working with Joan Barduena): We baked some 2K and 4K textures and tested how was the performance of the engine with these textures included in the environment. Then, with all the baked textures done, we polished those that had render errors.
  • Game Logo (Working with Rafel Brau): I designed and draw the logo of the game. Then, Rafel Brau painted.
  • UI elements:
    - Combos Menu: Design and creation.
    - Big Cards of the tutorial: Design and creation.
    - Little Cards of the tutorial: Design and creation.
  • Web design and creation (Working with Joan Barduena): We were in charge of creating the website with HTML and CSS.