Victor Chen - Engine & Gameplay Programmer

The best way to describe myself would be saying that I’m passionate about what I do. Video games have been a huge and influential part of my life. My goal within this industry is to give back to the community part of the adventures and joy I hold so dear thanks to them.

I’m not the best programmer by any means but I’m always willing to learn from other and hone my skills everyday. I love programming fun and interesting mechanics and I adore level design that enhances the player’s freedom of choice.


During the development of The Witcher: Ties of Destiny, I had the roles of engine and gameplay programmer.
I mainly worked in the Animation subsystem with Josep Lleal, a system that we had developed prior to this project. It now features skinning, interpolation between animation keyframes and animation bleeding for smooth transition between animations. I also have developed an Animator tool in order to streamline the importation of animations for specific models. I also have been working on small Quality of Life (QoL) changes for the engine.

As a gameplay programmer I have fully programmed the behaviours of the Titan Ghoul, Minion Ghoul and Recruit Bandit. I was also in charge of creating the cinematics within the game.
I also had the role of Quality Assurance Team Lead. The work I have done in this team includes the creation of feedback sheet and coordinating playtesting session. Later, meeting with the respective teams to deliver the feedback gathered during testing.

  • Animation System: Load the animations and skeleton for an .fbx model.
  • Animator: Quickly import animations for a specific model.
  • Quality of Life changes: Such as a toolbar overhaul, distinctive icons for Assets in the Project Panel and Elapsed Time in Play mode. I also faked a loading screen during scene transitions.
  • Enemies:
    - Titan Ghoul: Big and threatening enemy that deals big damage and can stun the players.
    - Minion Ghoul: Fast and annoying enemy. Dangerous in big hordes but useless by itself.
    - Recruit Bandit: Small but durable soldier. Strong when paired with his buddies.
  • Cinematics: First iterations of Forest cinematic. A discarded cinematic for the City because the level was dropped during development and fully created the City cinematic.
  • QA Team Lead: Manage QA members by coordinating playtesting session. Create feedback sheet and deliver the information to their respective scrum teams.