Roger Sánchez March - Artist

I never knew what I wanted to be when I was old. That changed when I discovered video game 3D art and level design. I love those and I struggle everyday to become a better artist. I have been doing 3d props for the game environment and a warrior character and I enjoyed it so much, I’m hoping to bring as much as I can to future projects!


  • Environment Props and Warrior Character: I modeled the low poly using Maya, Sculpted using zBrush and Texturized using Substance Painter. I used 3dsMax for UV mapping. The props can be seen all over the levels and the warriors at the beggining of the first level.
  • Character Design and Concepting: I did the concept art for the Ghouls and the Bandits soldiers in the game. I used pen and paper to sketch and Photoshop to ink and color out the drawings.