Roger León - Lead Artist

I’m Roger Leon, Lead Artist in a team of 30 people developing The Witcher: Ties of Destiny. A part of the lead tasks, such as coordinating and managing the team, I could participate in the project following my passion as a character and environment artist, taking care of making most of the characters and various props for the environment and also as an animator, making all the animations in the game.

As a Lead Artist, with several years of art degree studies, I had to coordinate the art team in order to achieve the quality proposed from the beginning, while adapting to the limitations we had, giving the best possible result.
Likewise, I have faced the challenge of forming almost the whole team, that had little knowledge in the matter, and supervising that all the art material maintains the same style and color palette. Following this line, I have provided the team with tools such as smart materials, base meshes and others to unify all assets.
In the same way, one of the main challenges of this project has been to coordinate and instruct the art team at a distance, given the situation with the COVID-19, both productively and humanely, keeping pace with development and helping in everything needed on a personal level.


In a more personal layer, I could improve my artistic skills and techniques, since I had to adapt all my knowledge to Broken Engine, pushing me to the limit to get a similar result as in a standardized industry engine. Between the tasks I developed, I would like to highlight the next ones:

  • Character Models: Following our stylized design I have prepared the base meshes and then modeled and sculpted all the in-game characters.
  • Environment:
    - Models: To provide as much aid as possible to the artists, I have modeled and sculpted some of the environmental assets, mainly of the tutorial level.
    - Assembly: Once we had the blocking of the levels I was in charge of assemble the environment with some of the artists.
  • Animations:
    - Merge and Modifications from mixamo in all the necessary Models.
    - Animations of Kikimora, Dummies and Chests.
  • Coordination with the programming team to get and polish the needed visual tools.
  • Slash Particles: Manual model and animation of the attack trails.
  • Particle System: Environment Particles and Behaviours (Rain Effects, lightning...).