Raul Morente - Designer

I am Raul Morente, a designer. At first, I was in the design team designing the different aspects of the game, but specially focused on the human enemies. Later, my job was to manage different aspects of the audio of the game, and at the end I made a teaser and the trailer for The Witcher: Ties of Destiny.


  • Human enemies’ documentation: I designed the human enemies, including their behavior and stats which later, iterating, were polished by other members of the design team.
  • Game audio: Search, edit and create the sound effects for the game. Coordinate the audios with the animations. I used Wwise to create events from those audios to randomize the audio played when doing some specific actions, play sounds ordered in playlists, make transitions between music tracks, adjust parameters such as volume… And also included some SFX music in some scripts, but mainly the person in charge of those scripts was the one including them.
  • Teaser and Trailer: Create the teaser and the trailer for the game.