Rafel Brau - Character & UI Artist

Hi! I’m Rafel Brau, an artist apiring to master my skills in concept art, 3D and animations. I try to focus more on the balance of colours, to make everything blend and work together as intended to, with this in mind, I’ll try to put a little bit of life and cheerfulness in everything I do.
During this project I was assigned the task of conceptualizing the main characters of the game during the first stages of development. Once we finished those stages I designed the entirety of the art for the characters UI, while helping with some other things my colleagues needed, like the tutorial cards or some hud.


  • Concept Art of the Main Characters: I did a study with matte painting for each character we designed, and then, with the help of those matte paintings, i designed the characters with their respective color palette.For the main characters Geralt and Jaskier, as well as the other two other non-implemented characters, Yennefer and Ciri.
  • Basic Hud for the Characters: I did the 2D hud for the two characters, trying to personalize each one to fit their theme the best. One for Jaskier and one for Geralt, as well as the potions.
  • Animations for the HUD: Once the 2D Hud was done, I started using After Effects to improve and give animations to each thing we thought needed them. First I did the like bars for the characters and the Kikkimora, then I did the ult animations for both characters, as well as their respective combos and special abilities, I also did the animation for the death UI, composed of the revive wheel, the help animation and the death skull.
  • Win & Lose Animation: Finally I did both Victory and Defeat animations which appears at the end of each level.
  • Credits Art: I finally did all the Credits cards, with the respective title and art.