Pol Cortés - Designer

I’m Pol Cortés, designer for The Witcher Ties of Destiny. I’ve been working in the conceptual part of the game and later on moved to the environment team to do blockouts, prop placing and collisions. I’ve also helped the particles team. I have been managing our Twitter account and updating it regularly. Finally I’ve had the opportunity to work on something I really love about game development, QA.


  • Character Conceptualization: Creating the characters from scratch. Iterating their concept until their design fit our game style.
  • Blockouts: Doing the blockout for the level to make it nice to go through it and iterate it to improve it.
  • Prop Placing: Place the final props all over the level.
  • Collisions: Doing the collider for the city level and iterating it to make it better.
  • Particle Creation: Creating the fire particles, the bonfires and the potions with its particles.
  • QA: Doing playtesting sessions, spotting bugs and reporting it to the corresponding teams.
  • CM: Managing the team social media and updating its content regularly.