Pol Casaú - Designer

I have always been a sociable person who likes to work with other people in order to achieve a common goal, so, this project was the opportunity to take advantage of it. I have been working along with other teammates in almost all my tasks, so we could give feedback to each other and try to improve our work to get the best out of it.


  • Enemies' Documentation: I started by detailing as much as I could all the different types, behaviours and stats of all the bosses and the monsters enemies. In the end, I also had to choose which of them would be actually put in the game.
  • Blocking of the Levels: I worked with other team members to define the blocking of the two levels. We had to make sure that the level was not too spacious nor too narrow, and that it was not too difficult to know where to go next.
  • Particles: My work in the particles section was to create new types of particles. In the gifs, there are two examples where you can see the breaking of the barrel and the ghoul’s puke.
  • Forest Mesh Collider: This took the most part of my time in this project. The forest level is very uneven, so it took a lot of iterations and testing to recreate the sensation that this unevenness should give.
  • Props and Potion Drops: I studied the map and all the encounters to define strategically where to place all the breakable props in the map and which of them should drop potions, and most importantly, which potions will they drop.