Pol Bosch - Designer & Gameplay Programmer

Hello, my name is Pol, and I’ve taken part in the design team. I’ve dedicated my time on programming the behaviour of the in-game camera and also the behaviour of the final boss. I’ve been involved in most of the design decisions since my working fields had quite the weight.

Most of my work has been a “first time” for me and being able to pull it off has been very satisfying. I wouldn’t call it a “from zero to hero” because there’s a lot of improvement margin but i’m proud of what I learnt and proud of the growth of my interest towards these areas of work previously unknown to me.


  • Characters documentation: At the beginning of the project, we did the Game Design Document and I started by detailing the design of the Yennefer character, which (sadly) did not make it to production.
  • Camera documentation: I also detailed how the camera would behave and all it’s specs.
  • Camera: During all the development I’ve been in charge of the behaviour of the camera, adding new features on each iteration, tweaking and adjusting it. From following the players to switching between different distances, angles and orientations and adding modular triggers through the map so we could play with those parameters.
  • Final Boss: I’ve also been in charge of the final boss behaviour. From the implementation of its attacks and timings to the different phases and mechanics.