Oscar Pons - Engine Programmer

I could describe myself as a curious technology lover, with a wide knowledge of computer related topics, from programming, robotics, 3D printing, android and bots to web design and a little bit of pentesting. Now currently focusing on artificial inteligence, altought I already touched some libraries such as AIMA to create a 2D game level generator and solver, or the Unity AI libraries.

I have a background of computer engineering from which I switch to this degree after realizing my true passion, thing that made me widen my skills to photo edition, 3D modelling and animating among others.


Respect to The Witcher - Ties of destiny, I mainly was in charge of the User Interface and the usability of the engine, in short, the user experience while playing and having information on the screen and the user experience while using the engine itself, in this case, our own team. Moreover, I created the windows installer of the game. Also I did tasks of bugfixing and QA.

For the UI, David and I, developed a robust system with easy to use and intuitive features. We created the basic elements our game will need such as images, buttons, progress bars, texts and a circular progress bar.
In addition of the core, I allowed the elements to be placed in a canvas acting as 2D UI or also to be placed as in game UI, meaning you can place them anywhere on the 3D space ensuring a better experience with fully interactable UI.
Moreover the UI have an anchor system so you can attach them to a particular spot to ensure the positioning of it and, also, any image, button or progressbar can have a spritesheet animation that can be edited inside the engine.

Also I developed some other features of the engine such as the hierarchy, multiple gameobject edition, including reparenting and easing the engine users life with component managing, copy and paste components, transformating all selected gameobjects with both guizmo and inspector, among other features.

Finally I created a minimap but due the incoming gold date and the lack of proper time to playtest it, it was not put in the final game.

  • FreeType: Include and implement FreeType library for text and letting the user have as many fonts as it is needed.
  • UI Animations: Easy to use and with a few clicks you have an animation based on the spritesheet, ready to be played and controlled by scripts.
  • UI 2D/3D: Place anywhere your images extending the player experience further than 2D world.
  • Engine easing: Gameobjects edition.
  • Engine features: Hierarchy and usability.
  • Minimap: Level independent minimap (discarded due to short time to final delivery).
  • Installer: Application independent installer that packs a desired folder to a .msi