Òscar Faura - Physics Engine & Gameplay Programmer

Throughout the development of The Witcher: Ties of Destiny, I have been working as a programmer. During the first part of this journey, I worked in the engine programming, implementing the physics system. Later, in the second part, I became a gameplay programmer, working alongside designers to implement the tutorial of the first level.


  • Rigid Body simulation: Implementation of rigid statics and rigid dynamics.
  • Collision detection: Box collider that automatically encloses the geometry of its gameobject, This collider can be modified and also be used as a trigger.
  • Collision Callbacks to Scripting: Implementation of collision and trigger callbacks that can be used from scripts.
  • Scene Queries: Raycast implementation that can be used from scripts.
  • Character Controller: Full implementation of character controllers for the movement of all characters of the game.
  • Tutorial: Programmed all the steps of the tutorial that the players have to follow during the first part.