Joan Marín - Engine Programmer

Hi! I’m Joan Marín and I have worked in the code team for the development of The Witcher : Ties of Destiny. As Engine programmer, my main function has been to create the particle system, which is supported by the particle system of PhysX. I had never actually worked with particle systems, but i must say that I loved it. Since I created it, I also helped the team in charge of creating the particles of the game.

Apart from that, I have also worked on adding octrees to the engine, the camera culling, and of course, bug fixing.


  • Particle System: The system is pretty solid and allows the users to create pretty much what they want. There’re so many features that can be set to the particles (velocity, area, duration, lighting properties…). One thing we were worried about at the beginning was the performance, we were afraid that the engine could not support enough particles to make the game look cool, but it totally surpassed our expectations.
  • Engine Octrees: Space optimization for the camera culling and other functionalities.
  • Geralt Ultimate Particles: When Gerald activates his ultimate, fire starts coming out of his body and his sword.
  • QA: Testing both the game and the engine to find & solve bugs.