Joan Barduena - Environment Artist & Web Designer

I'm Joan Barduena, an artist led by Roger León, who has been teaching me, as well as to my partners, lots of things in order to show my best art and capacities. I would consider myself a perfectionist. The good thing is, that I am not satisfied doing anything fast and without detail to finish quick, so my works are always the best I can. I reiterate and reiterate the same prop until I achieve the result I want.

During the project I have widen my skills on 3D modeling with 3ds Max and Maya, on sculping with Zbrush and photo editing with Photoshop. I have also learned some new skills while painting textures with Substance Painter, in addition to creating a web page with HTML5 and CSS.


Respect to The Witcher: Ties of Destiny, I was in charge of conceptualizing and modeling 3D props for the enviroment, creating those environments with the props my partners and I had created, composing some of the Tutorial cards, rendering and testing 2K and 4K textures of the levels, as well as, studying and placing lights for those. Also, learning HTML5 and CSS from zero in order to create this web page.

Most of the time I have been working with Xavi Marin in different tasks. I have worked very confortably at his side and as a result we have obtained very good results. Not forgetting that Roger León has always been there to help us.

  • Enviroment conceptualitzation: Creating concepts of the enviroments, in order to have a visual reference for the rest of the team on how the enviroment would be like.
  • 3D Props: Modeling, sculping and paiting enviroment props.
  • Tutorial HUD: Creating UI tutorial cards to help the player know how to play and how the game works.
  • MainMenu scene: Collocation of props to create the main menu scene.
  • Tutorial level scene: Collocation of the props to create the first part (until the wood platforms) of the tutorial level.
  • Renderings: Rendering and testing 2K and 4K baked textures on the engine in order to improve the game performance.
  • Website: Coding with HTML5 and CSS to make the web.
  • Lighting: Studied and did different iterations of the lightings in both enviroments.