Jaume Avinyó - Designer & Gameplay Programmer

I’m Jaume and I’ve been working as a designer and gameplay programmer for this project during these past four months.

The fact of assuming these roles made me realise some important points. The design work we did in the very first steps of this project was a very good base. But even though, starting the game itself made us realise that we had an overwhelming amount of work. As a solution, we re-designed much of the game design document content, which had to be updated lots of times during the development.
In addition to these issues, the Game Engine was in constant progress, meaning that we did not have the tools to create what we wanted until later versions of the Engine.
I’ve learned new skills while being a gameplay programmer, such as working in a new environment (Broken Engine), learning lua programming language and applying that knowledge into designing and programming a whole new enemy for the game.

After working all my career in small teams (3-7 people) this has been the first time in such a big group. This made me re-discover the meaning of a fluid communication and its importance between departments in big teams like Broken Gem Studio. I feel very comfortable as a gameplay programer and I’m open to try other roles in a development team.


  • Game Design Document: As all my teammates, I practically touched all areas in the GDD. But I focused my work on the full design of a playable character “Ciri” and a progression system in which i worked on enemy stats, objects, levels, difficulties etc...
  • Gameplay programming: I designed and fully programmed my own enemy called Lumberjack and also worked with the character programmer to make the combat with the enemy to feel nice. I also did lot of entity bug and behaviour fixing during the project to adapt to what i was asked for.
  • Q&A and Feedback: With the combat scrum team I implemented the previously designed feedback for the combat such as particles and shaders. Lot of testing was necessary to balance the enemy combat and feedback.
  • Community Manager: I’ve been managing the team social media and updating its content regularly.