Ferran Barnés - Character and VFX Artist

I am Ferran Barnes, I have been working as an artist for this project and even though I consider myself a mainly 2D artist, in this project I contributed to 3D models, textures and animations on top of 2D concept art.

As an Artist in this project I had to learn to work with many other colleagues with disparate opinions and try to gain a more appeasing temperament to endure the process of production, besides by getting myself outside my conformt zone with this multi-disciplinary context of creating 3D models and other in-engine functions has forced me to be a better and more rounded artist. I am aspiring to be a character or VFX artist in the video game industry.


  • Concept Art: In the process of pre-production of our project I created some concept art for possible enemies in our game.
  • Enemies and Props (3D modeling and texturing): I created 3D models such as the basic Ghoul and other props with their respective textures and normal maps, on top of that i created the block-out for the Kikimora and an enemy that did not pass pre-production.
  • In-Engine Particles Effects: With our own engine I created many ingame particles (environmental, character effects, enemies effects, etc.), creating all the textures and their in-engine implementations.