David Tello - Coder

Hi, I’m David and I like creating games, all the aspects of it but mainly programming and game design. I like the problem solving of it and the satisfaction of completing a game that I can be proud of.


For the first half of the project I worked on the Engine doing the UI System and on the second half I focused more on gameplay programming.

  • UI System: Programming the structure and main functionalities of the system, like creation/deletion, billboarding, textures, canvas system, etc. Also implementing the first working versions of the Button, Image, Canvas and Circular Bar elements.
  • Game Loop: Implementation of the win and lose cycle in the game.
  • Checkpoint System:Implementation of the checkpoints in both levels as well as some debug functions to make testing easier.
  • Credits Scene:First version of the Credits Scene that was later finished by Eric.
  • Hordes System:Creation of a system to spawn rounds of enemies that allows the easy modification of its parameters, like number of enemies, delay between rounds, spawn rate, etc.