Aitor Simona - Engine Programmer

Hi, I am Aitor, a programmer. I have focused on the engine, since the base engine used was developed by myself. As such, I have been involved in most of the main systems implemented in the engine, with a special mention to the Resource Manager, which I developed from scratch in the holidays prior to the project.


  • Base Engine: At the beginning of the project the engine chosen was not mine, but due to what I had developed during the last holidays, we chose to use mine. Check it out here.
  • Resource Manager: Developed by myself during the holidays prior to the project, along with an event manager. It features all types of resources, Scenes, Prefabs, Materials and its importers. Every resource and Importer is based in the same template, so I was involved in all of them. All resources support Hot-Reloading, handled by the engine through a Windows Notification (Win32), and deletion. The visual part of this system is the project panel, that imitates Unity’s and Unreal’s strategy to abstract resource use to the user and provide an interpretation of the filesystem. I have been improving and overseeing everything related to resources and Save&Load since the very beginning.
  • Renderer & Shader Pipeline Supporting Vertex, Fragment and Geometry stages, uniform real-time editing, binary shaders, centralized renderer, transparencies, framebuffer use, skybox… Helped lucho in some stuff, like Shadow mapping. Helped in decals (later discarded).
  • UI: Actively helped the UI team, UI animations, UI draw (billboarding...), moving childs of a canvas together…

  • Physics: Worked in physics in the first part of the project, interpreting physX data to draw the different colliders and implementing the Fixed Update.
  • Audio: Implemented SoundBank loading from json.
  • QA: Managing engine pull requests, QA sessions and lots of bugfixing.